28 Feb, 2019

Gelion Endure: an energy storage platform, designed to bring new capability to the energy sector globally.

By re-imagining the internals of established zinc bromide batteries, Gelion provides scalable storage for green power, with a battery that compared to current technologies, is designed to be safer and lower cost – both in terms of initial outlay and total cost of ownership. Gelion CEO, Mr Rob Fitzpatrick, explains that storage is the key element enabling widespread adoption of renewable power. Innovative battery storage solutions at scale are required for renewable energy to reach its full potential. The zinc bromide chemistry used by Gelion operates safely without the need for active cooling. It uses 100 percent of the battery’s capacity and its electrode surfaces can be rejuvenated remotely, using state-of-the-art battery management systems, without the need for on-site servicing. This makes it ideal for stationary energy storage applications in all areas, including remote sites.

Gelion Endure came to life this week at its inaugural commercial deployment at the University of Sydney. It was used to power a mobile, solar-driven lighting system on the campus aimed at improving student safety after dark. During the next year, the University will be incorporating Gelion battery systems to power more solar mobile light towers.

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