Armstrong manages several established trading companies. The shares of these companies are eligible for Business Property Relief (BPR), which provides significant advantages from a UK inheritance tax perspective. The companies’ trading activities include UK solar, storage, and lending to asset-backed businesses. More detail on the trading companies is provided below, including links to the latest Investor Guides.

Certified High Net Worth Investors, Certified or Self-Certified Sophisticated Investors can request application form(s) directly from Armstrong at  Other individual investors should contact their financial advisor.

Faster inheritance tax exemption

Shares in a BPR-qualifying company or investment become exempt from inheritance tax after being held for just 2 years, provided the shares are still held at the time of death.

Maintain access to the investment

Multi-discipline UK focused investment and asset management of renewable energy infrastructure companies and projects.


Other inheritance tax planning options, such as setting up a trust fund or using life insurance to cover the cost of a future inheritance tax bill, can be complex and may have significant establishment costs.

Direct Investment Opportunities

Estate Planning Service

Investments are not suitable for everyone. Therefore, we recommend you seek professional advice before deciding to invest. Capital at risk, please refer to the investment memorandum for each specific opportunity and the respective risk warnings, seeking independent financial, legal and tax advice.