Mura receives investment from Igus GmbH to support the deployment of its chemical recycling technology
15 Jan, 2020

Armstrong’s affiliate, Mura Technology Limited (“Mura”), is pleased to announce it has received an investment from igus GmbH (“igus”), a leading manufacturer of plastic components. The investment will support the global deployment of Mura’s chemical recycling technology.

Mura have a vision for the future of plastic recycling across the globe: Instead of sending material to landfill, or polluting the environment through incineration, Mura have the technology to chemically recycle end-of-life plastics back into valuable chemical as well as oil products.

Dr Stephen Mahon, CEO of Mura, said, “We are delighted to partner with igus. Their global network and investment will accelerate our ability to deploy Mura’s recycling capacity. Igus are our first strategic investor and we applaud the leadership they have shown to support Mura and in their own recycling initiatives.”

Frank Blase, CEO of igus GmbH, commented, “Chemical recycling offers new solutions to the problem of recycling mixed plastic. We are committed to the achievement of a state of balance in the world of plastics with technical solutions and, after 7 months of analysis, have backed Mura to accelerate the adoption of chemical recycling for mixed plastics.”

About Mura

Jointly founded by Armstrong and Licella, London-based Mura Technology Limited holds the key to a game-changing recycling solution. Using supercritical water, the company is able to convert waste plastic back into the chemicals and oils from which they were made. The Cat-HTR™ technology can make the life of plastic infinite, with no limit to the number of times it can be recycled.

It is Mura’s vision to establish a portfolio of end-of-life plastic conversion sites, recycling the huge quantities of plastic that go to landfill and incineration every day, affecting our environment and our health.

Mura’s aim is to establish over 2,000,000 tonnes of Cat-HTR™ processing capacity by 2030.

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About igus

igus GmbH is a global leading manufacturer of energy chain systems and polymer plain bearings. The Cologne-based family business has offices in 35 countries and employs 4,150 people around the world. In 2018, igus generated a turnover of 748 million euros from ‘motion plastics’, plastic components for moving applications. igus operates the largest test laboratories and factories in its sector to offer customers quick turnaround times on innovative products and solutions tailored to their needs.

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