Solar Growth enters into long-term ROC agreement with Ecotricity
21 Oct, 2020

Working in partnership with Renewable Exchange, Solar Growth Limited, a company managed by Armstrong Capital, and Ecotricity have entered into a long-term agreement to supply and purchase Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) from a portfolio of operational solar projects over a 15-year period.

By splitting the renewable certificates away from the exported power, Solar Growth will be able to maximise each revenue stream by placing the ROCs in a secure long-term deal through a competitive tender process. Furthermore, this allows Solar Growth to focus on optimising power generation by reacting to the volatility of the wholesale power markets, currently being monitored via the Renewable Exchange platform.

For Ecotricity, the transactions support their continued market growth as a leading UK power purchase agreement (PPA) provider to multiple investment funds on both short and long term PPA’s.

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